AgeSong Guru Week Biomedical Convention video

AgeSong invites Dr Richard Patel, Dr Allen Power and Dr Richard Taylor with Dr Nader Shabahangi to present at The AgeSong Guru Week Biomedical Convention to discuss insights into different perspectives on forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The Biomedical Convention of the partners in the Guru project explores different viewpoints of Forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care with a focus on well-being and enablement.

The AgeSong Guru Project sponsors AgeSong Guru Week Biomedical Convention Presentation with Dr Richard Patel, Dr Allen Power, Dr Richard Taylor and Dr Nader Shabahangi.

The purpose of the AgeSong Guru Project, a year-long initiative, is to look at creating comprehensive care partnerships with elders to understand need-driven behaviors and minimize risky use of psychotropic medication. Not using a text-book to learn about a patient but having the patient be the textbook and teach us what they need. This is contrary to the trend of treating these individuals from a deficit-based perspective. This perspective looks at helping people with changing cognition have more comprehensive care that allows them to be enabled and re-enabled.

Dr Richard Patel

Dr Richard Patel is a professor at USCF in Psychiatry, works at San Francisco General in Psychiatry and Neurology in the ER and is in private practice. His experiences in these areas have lead him to the belief that patient care is about the whole person. And comprehensive care is about the friends, family, community and environment around the person.

Dr Allen Power

Dr Allen Power, is a board certified internist and geriatrician, clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Rochester. Dr Power is the author of paradigm shifting books including “Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care” and the latest, “Dementia Beyond Disease.” As an internist he had been prescribing psychotropic medications to his patients. In his practice he discovered that he was questioning the efficacy of a medication-focused perspective. He started to believe well-being is more important than taking a deficit-based approach. He shares insights from his experiences.

Dr Richard Taylor

Dr Richard Taylor is a retired psychologist and author of “Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out.” As a doctor with dementia himself he has experienced and discusses some of the fundamental changes that happen in the process. He talks not only the change of state that happens internally but that which happen in external relationships also. He has experienced the change that occurs within the circle of family, friends as community. Dr Taylor eloquently discusses his experience of living well with dementia.

Dr Nader Shabahangi

Dr Nader Shabahangi, AgeSong CEO and founder, is a licensed psychotherapist. He is founder of Pacific Institute, a non-profit that offers innovative forgetfulness (dementia) and eldercare and has with the Pacific Institute Internship team,  implemented the Gerontological Wellness Program (GeroWellness Program.) Dr Shabahangi in his work with AgeSong advocates for a shift in focus from labels for patients with changing cognition. At AgeSong they refer to patients with changing cognition such as Alzheimer’s and dementia as experiencing “forgetfulness.” This change to a broad non-clinical description is reducing the stress and stigma in the associated care of the individual. The AgeSong vision is one of a humanistic and whole-person approach to the culture of care provided within AgeSong residences and programs.

The speakers at the Biomedical Convention of the AgeSong Guru Project speak about comprehensive care partnerships with people who are experiencing changing cognition. The goal is understanding the need-driven behaviors and minimizing risky use of psychotropic medication. The talk covers forgetfulness, dementia, dementia care and the importance of changing the culture of care. Included are the personal insights offered from Dr Taylor from the perspective of an individual who is working to achieve a state of  “living well” with changing cognition in the world as it exists today.

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