Grasping, clutching, craving meaning,
in its absence howling, keening,
here we pace like some crazed beast
mourning for a world that ceased.
Bring fresh sense into our life,
peace instead of mindless strife.
Give us some new raison d’etre
quench the raging storms of hate, or
show a path for our redemption,
from this hell— a circumvention.
      Tom Greening

If There’s Still Time


When I review my life I am aghast.
So little that I’ve done is going to last.
My days were often “full of sound and fury,”
my nights consumed by sleeplessness and worry.
Accomplishments? They faded long ago.
Their residue? I cannot claim to know.
So on I sail and hope the wind stays fair.
Perhaps someday I will real living dare.
If there’s still time I’d like to see if I
have guts enough to give it one more try.

Tom Greening

New Speakers Announced for Upcoming EHI:7 Conference

Speakers Sessions for EHI Conference on November 15/16, 2013

Logo for EHI 7th Annual Conference to be held Nov 15 and 16, 2013 at AgeSong Institute San FranciscoEHI is excited to present these Speakers and their sessions at the 2013 E-H Institute Conference in SF on November 15/16, 2013. The EHI Conference is two days of speakers and sessions held at EHI/AgeSong on Laguna Street in San Francisco.


EHI is proud to welcome Dr. Stern as the Opening Keynote speaker at this year’s upcoming EHI Conference.

Dr. Stern’s Keynote Presentation

“Grow Old Along With Me: Psychotherapist Looks at His Own Aging”

“Elders, defying their forgetfulness, become the tellers of passionate tales… Alternative realities are a means to soul making.” Dr. Stern states that he has come to appreciate the unique poetics of a tousled mind and that pain and suffering, too, can move us into an unfamiliar paradigm. He states that “through an acceptance of the vitality of dying, we once again know the world.”

View these Featured Presenters’ Session Outlines:

EHI:7 November 15/16, 2013

624 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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